Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Kevin Drew & the Crew are back

there are like 20 people in this band. literally
incl Feist, Brendan Canning, Evan Cranley (Stars), everyone cool in Toronto etcEmily Haines (Metric) & Kevin Drew
So, it's been a long five years but at last Broken Social Scene are back in our lives. My New Thing today is "World Sick", the first song they've given us as a taster from Forgiveness Rock Record (out May 3rd on City Slang/Cooperative in the UK). Pushing seven minutes, the song gives us all the old favourites from their sound: them crashing cymbals and anthemic choruses, multiple vocal lines tracking the main melody and a jagged guitar hook that does its best to stick in your mind.

There's a definite similarity between this track and several on 2002's You Forgot It In People, so it will be interesting to see what the rest of the album has in store. In other news, the indie-rock collective will be hitting Brighton's shores for the Great Escape Festival on May 15th. YES.

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Roll on May the 3rd.

images courtesy of pitchfork, MTV subcast, ATP festival, soundproof mag, salt lake tribune

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