Monday, 22 February 2010

Not for the faint-hearted

mary & the boy on SpotifyL-R: the Boy, Mary, the Exotic, Christian Daniel
This is Mary and the Boy: Mary, the Boy, the Exotic and sometimes a guy known as Christmas Daniel. The Greek band features on the soundtrack for Alexis Dos Santos' Unmade Beds, erupting with an opening track that sums up their early sound. Raw male and female vocals, a grinding organ, smutty lyrics, and a general disregard for what is meant to sound pleasant are the order of the day.

Their eponymous release on Low Impedance Records (2005) howls and screeches with a loose abandon often compared to the vocal prowess of Diamanda Galas or PJ Harvey pre- Dance Hall at Louse Point. Their most recent release is 2008's Time Machine, available from Greek label Inner Ear Records. While the duo blows out their vocal chords, the Exotic dances all sexy-like.

When are they next playing London?

images courtesy of bloodonourshoes, myspace/maryandtheboy

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