Thursday, 18 February 2010

Pick my jaw up off the floor

Colin Firth + Julianne Moore + gin&tonics on the floorOh Tom, you made me happy.I'm no film reviewer and shan't pretend to be one but Tom Ford's debut effort was INCREDIBLE. To be precise, it was incredibly beautiful. It's my New Thing to Like for today: let's face it, Ford deserves yet another set of props from some girl on the internet whom he doesn't know. Under his direction, Colin Firth steps out of his oh-so-yawn-inducing typecast role as the bumbling yet loveable Brit and explores a depth never really allowed for in his lite rom-coms.

Ford (obviously aided by his talented visual effects team) plays with colour saturation throughout, sychronising George's (Firth) sense of happiness or nostalgic joy with intense and overly vibrant colour flushes. Visually, the eye struggles to take everything in at times. Then again, this may also be because I love to see men and women dressing sharp and there's so much of this going on in the 1960s set that I was constantly exclaiming about people's eyeliner, skinny ties, turn-up jeans, cuff-links yeah you get the idea.

I understand that some people may feel this film is getting too much love because Ford is a well-connected designer dabbling in something new, but I think he's earned it. Honourable mention given to model-turned-actor Jon Kortajarena for being freaky hot as Carlos, a gigolo/aspiring actor who propositions George in a gorgeous scene. Here he is showing how he probably nabbed the job.

Kortajarena. Swoon.

Go see this if you haven't already, and like pretty new things.

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