Monday, 29 March 2010

More Words

Two more reviews I wrote for Last Broadcast:

Circle Of One - Tied to the Machine

Breed 77 - "Zombie" (yeah, they actually covered The Cranberries.)

image courtesy of lastbroadcast

Saturday, 27 March 2010

Dirt Poster


images courtesy of

EDIT: Roland Tiangco's taken his work off his site, but hey you can still look at these bad boys here. [May 9th 2010]

Thursday, 25 March 2010

AmAp Onesies

These two Swedish photographers and their stylist teams show how to make American Apparel onesies generally unwearable but beautiful. There's a sad element of fun in scoping out uncredited AmApp creations when they're subtly used. In other news, Camilla Akrans is really quite good.

images courtesy of camilla arkans & jonas hallberg via lundlund

Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Will's Brainchild

My first reviews are up on Will's site. YAY-UH.

Cymbals Eat Guitars - "Wind Phoenix"

The Chemists - "This City"

You Me At Six - "Liquid Confidence"

image courtesy of lastbroadcast

Monday, 22 March 2010

The Half Sisters

Duke Of York's//Saturday March 20th//The Half Sisters & The Mojo Fins

Freya-Rose, Isadora & Fifi (L-R)

After reading and hearing all the Brighton hype surrounding these two sisters and their musical bezzie, I was lucky enough to get two free tickets to their show at the Duke of York's Picturehouse this past weekend (thanks Rupert!). Opening for The Mojo Fins, Isadora (ukelele//vocals), her sister Freya-Rose (flute//vocals) and their 'half sister'* Fifi (drums//vocals//guitar) played an endearing set, both twee and enchanting.

What's not to like within a formula of three pretty girls who play dress-up, use face paints on stage and throw paper into the crowd, urging them to fold toy airplanes and launch them during songs? Add to that the fact that they can all sing and perform with a child-like honesty and there's my new thing, found. Between the sequin theme, their breathy harmonies and giggly delivery this set left me feeling all warm and gooey inside, much to my own initial disgust.

These girls have the ability to break down that awkward barrier sometimes put up between audience and performer, most likely as a result of their curb-side experience busking all over Brighton. In the same manner that Brother Ali stole my heart, The Half Sisters wiggled their way inside it by involving me in the gig without making me feel as though it was a panto. Lovely. Simple, and lovely. Listen to their myspace and get the link to their youtube channel here.

* Fifi isn't actually their half sister, but they love her so much she may as well be.

all images courtesy of me.

Saturday, 20 March 2010

This Shit Is Bananas

AMAZING new night at Brighton's best club. Amidst a sea of dubstep nights, this is exactly what this city needs. A friend and I were just talking about how we were going to start invading parties to put this kind of 90s new jack swing on Spotify FULL BLAST. Then New Hero pipped us to the post. They're forgiven, 'cos the launch night was incredible.

Warren G///Salt'N'Pepa///Notorious BIG///Blackstreet///Dre///Brilliant.

Thank you New Hero. For the picture too.

images courtesy of andrew thompson and alice james (new hero)

"Truth Is Here"

The Freebutt///Thursday March 20th///Boy Com & Brother Ali

Noah, Ali and John of Boy Com (L-R)
The youngbloods of Boy Com hail from all corners of the globe and come together making the sort of happy skank-along-to-this music that I used to hate. They won me over though, mostly thanks to frontman Noah's oozing charisma, co-vocalist Ali's crazy hand movements and the band's collective warmth. This is the music for Southern Comfort advert barbeques, with camcorders sweeping across the garden capturing beautiful friends smiling and dancing in slow-motion. Pass me the ketchup. Highlight of their set at the Freebutt had to be "If I Was Man Of The Year", brimming with witticisms and a rolling funk groove.

Last to take to the stage was Brother Ali, a rapper from Minneapolis with the ability to make the audience fall in love with him after about 15 minutes. Using only his words. A favourite of Juice FM's New Music Show two weeks ago, Brother Ali's gigs are like an awesome flashback to late eighties hip-hop: constant call and response with the audience, the proclamation that "it's not a gig but a party" and a sermon-like delivery of hilarious banter between songs.

The resonance of Brother Ali's voice is most responsible for driving each of his points home, filling the mic and room with a richness that's hard to resist. There was already sweat dripping off the walls halfway through his set which is always a thing to like. If you've got the chance to see this MC, do it do it do it.

images courtesy of me and 20watts.wordpress

Friday, 19 March 2010

Jean-Paul Lefret

Paris-based photographer Jean-Paul Lefret, "Lunettes". See the rest of the series here.

images courtesy of

Tomas Falmer

Swedish photographer Tomas Falmer. "London New Faces"

images courtesy of tomasfalmer and lundlund


Is this video for serious?

Lights' video for "Fire Night" is my new thing today. Moving away from the woozy mysticism of their eponymous debut effort, the three-piece are now entering an unexpected disco phase. I like. Reminiscent of School of Seven Bells' female-fronted and ethereal sound, Lights also inject a fiercely pop sensibility into their songs. I mean, they use exaggerated fast breathing on 2008's "Break Run Fly", a la Destiny's Child's "Lose My Breath" and Britney's "I'm A Slave 4 U". For reals.

These girls don't care about cliches and whether or not they will be accused of using them. They just make the music they want to make. Plus they draw hearts on their faces and don't shy away from glitter, which is delicious.

Lights are:
Linnea Vedder Shults (drums, vox)
Sophia Knapp (guitar, vox)
Alana Amram (bass)
image courtesy of dragcity, vidio directed by lauryn siegel

Monday, 15 March 2010

Oh, Liya

More from Mr Mario Sorrenti, this time for Vogue Italia (March 2010). Ethiopian model/new-found humanitarian Liya Kebede is usually all about the facial close-up, so it's great to see her moving in a slightly different and more exciting direction. I need a wig like that, just for kicks.

images courtesy of vogue italia, via fashioncopious.typepad

Thursday, 11 March 2010

Darwin Deez

I can't get this song's vocal hook out of my head. Note to self: email Darwin and ask how he made that incredible remote-controlled multi-camera hat. That accessory alone can be the new thing to like in this video. Darwin Deez are also playing the Great Escape Fest in May, and the NME Radar Tour throughout April and May beforehand. Let's hope they've got a good dance break planned.

Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Noisy Living Rooms

You Say Party! We Say Die! are back, with a big ole US/Canada/Europe tour to keep them occupied from now until early June. The Canadian dance-punk five-piece released their third LP about a month ago, and have brought out two singles already.

My new thing to like is more their video for second single "Dark Days" than their actual musical return: although it's great to hear lead vocalist Becky Vinkovic trying something richer than her trademark yelps and banshee-like screeches, it now feels like YSPWSD are missing the frantic state of urgency that used to fill their live gigs and recordings. It probably also comes from the much smoother and sustained synth they're using now.

Still, I love living room gigs and am liking their 'X' motif all over this particular room in the video. It stems from the title of their new record, XXXX. No, it's not referring to an expletive nor some new rating for a level of super-filth. XXXX actually stands for the four letters that make up 'love'.

I'll be going to a living room gig myself this weekend, watching Athens Polytechnic thrash it out. Funs.

image courtesy of hardcandymusic

Viktor Vauthier

all images courtesy of viktor vauthier photographic diary

Wednesday, 3 March 2010

For You, Jennifer B.

Double denim. It's hilarious. This is a new thing dedicated to a friend who requested its appearance on the blog.


I personally like this trend because it's just a reminder of how trend fashion needs to be laughed at and appreciated for its audacity every now and then. Or all the time, depending on your personal perspective. Generally only rockabilly males can pull this off, with vintage denim and some sort of teetering quiff.

Look Jenn, it's Jake, rocking the denim suit the best way: a dark wash, close fit and clearly no idea that it's become a trend. Click the pic to get a closer look at his sweet version.

images courtesy of fashoingonerogue and me.

Spring Coming

It's actually been sunny. Soon I'll be tucking into my very own air mile-heavy watermelon.

New thing today: not only springtime creeping up, but Hedi Slimane photography. He took these and is kind of a big deal. Ideal for those who like their black and white photography full of skinny, weirdly pretty boys, boys in bands and Kate Moss with her breasts out. Slimane helped up-and-comers The Drums get a lot of their editorial exposure last year.

images courtesy of hedi
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