Monday, 22 March 2010

The Half Sisters

Duke Of York's//Saturday March 20th//The Half Sisters & The Mojo Fins

Freya-Rose, Isadora & Fifi (L-R)

After reading and hearing all the Brighton hype surrounding these two sisters and their musical bezzie, I was lucky enough to get two free tickets to their show at the Duke of York's Picturehouse this past weekend (thanks Rupert!). Opening for The Mojo Fins, Isadora (ukelele//vocals), her sister Freya-Rose (flute//vocals) and their 'half sister'* Fifi (drums//vocals//guitar) played an endearing set, both twee and enchanting.

What's not to like within a formula of three pretty girls who play dress-up, use face paints on stage and throw paper into the crowd, urging them to fold toy airplanes and launch them during songs? Add to that the fact that they can all sing and perform with a child-like honesty and there's my new thing, found. Between the sequin theme, their breathy harmonies and giggly delivery this set left me feeling all warm and gooey inside, much to my own initial disgust.

These girls have the ability to break down that awkward barrier sometimes put up between audience and performer, most likely as a result of their curb-side experience busking all over Brighton. In the same manner that Brother Ali stole my heart, The Half Sisters wiggled their way inside it by involving me in the gig without making me feel as though it was a panto. Lovely. Simple, and lovely. Listen to their myspace and get the link to their youtube channel here.

* Fifi isn't actually their half sister, but they love her so much she may as well be.

all images courtesy of me.

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