Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Noisy Living Rooms

You Say Party! We Say Die! are back, with a big ole US/Canada/Europe tour to keep them occupied from now until early June. The Canadian dance-punk five-piece released their third LP about a month ago, and have brought out two singles already.

My new thing to like is more their video for second single "Dark Days" than their actual musical return: although it's great to hear lead vocalist Becky Vinkovic trying something richer than her trademark yelps and banshee-like screeches, it now feels like YSPWSD are missing the frantic state of urgency that used to fill their live gigs and recordings. It probably also comes from the much smoother and sustained synth they're using now.

Still, I love living room gigs and am liking their 'X' motif all over this particular room in the video. It stems from the title of their new record, XXXX. No, it's not referring to an expletive nor some new rating for a level of super-filth. XXXX actually stands for the four letters that make up 'love'.

I'll be going to a living room gig myself this weekend, watching Athens Polytechnic thrash it out. Funs.

image courtesy of hardcandymusic

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