Saturday, 20 March 2010

"Truth Is Here"

The Freebutt///Thursday March 20th///Boy Com & Brother Ali

Noah, Ali and John of Boy Com (L-R)
The youngbloods of Boy Com hail from all corners of the globe and come together making the sort of happy skank-along-to-this music that I used to hate. They won me over though, mostly thanks to frontman Noah's oozing charisma, co-vocalist Ali's crazy hand movements and the band's collective warmth. This is the music for Southern Comfort advert barbeques, with camcorders sweeping across the garden capturing beautiful friends smiling and dancing in slow-motion. Pass me the ketchup. Highlight of their set at the Freebutt had to be "If I Was Man Of The Year", brimming with witticisms and a rolling funk groove.

Last to take to the stage was Brother Ali, a rapper from Minneapolis with the ability to make the audience fall in love with him after about 15 minutes. Using only his words. A favourite of Juice FM's New Music Show two weeks ago, Brother Ali's gigs are like an awesome flashback to late eighties hip-hop: constant call and response with the audience, the proclamation that "it's not a gig but a party" and a sermon-like delivery of hilarious banter between songs.

The resonance of Brother Ali's voice is most responsible for driving each of his points home, filling the mic and room with a richness that's hard to resist. There was already sweat dripping off the walls halfway through his set which is always a thing to like. If you've got the chance to see this MC, do it do it do it.

images courtesy of me and 20watts.wordpress

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