Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Damn Crazy Brat

Rapper Uffie's coming to Brighton next weekend: NEW THING TO LIKE. All those in favour of this pint-sized potty-mouthed girl probably already have tickets but if not, grab them now. With the type of egoism that makes it pretty easy to hate her, Uffie crafts simple guest drops and songs that generally stick to the repertoire of smack-talk, partying hard, and how hot she considers herself. No seriously, she's good. The freaky hot ladies and gents at New Hero's Somewhere In The Universe... night are responsible for hosting this gig and making my week.

Although her first album is yet to drop (May 31st on Ed Banger Records), Uffie's already made quite a name for herself on the French electro scene. She's been rubbing shoulders with the cream of Busy P's crop on Ed Banger, as well as guesting on Justice's TTHHEE PPAARRTTYY and Steve Aoki's 2007 mixtape release Pillowface And His Airplane Chronicles. With her lazy vocal delivery and unapologetic attitude, I can only hope that her live set is as ridiculous and cheeky as her singles so far. Fingers crossed for a mass sing-a-long to "Hot Chick".

images courtesy of uffie.tv, new hero, myspace/uffie

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