Saturday, 24 April 2010

Janelle Monae

Introducing Janelle Monae, my new thing today. When a few months ago she was recommended to me by a close friend for her soulful vocal I didn't fully pay attention to just how awesome she is. Lesson learned. And apologies made. She somehow combines a throaty trill with lyrics on being an alien from outer space without even approaching douche-baggery. Her 2008 EP, Metropolis: The Chase Suite is a mind-blowing journey through her very own imagined solar system and cybertronic realms of funk sensibilities.

Her video for new single "Tightrope" works in the same odd fashion, set in an asylum and crammed with slick monochromatic ensembles, massive bow ties and THAT hair. Riding atop a sharp descending bassline and those oh-so-Motown tambourines, Janelle's vocal performance shimmers along effortlessly throughout. Co-exec producer Big Boi's cameo is basically the icing on the cake here.

Album The ArchAndroid out May 18th on Wondaland Arts Society/Bad Boy Records.

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