Sunday, 25 April 2010

Japayork + Sugar High

The combination of loads of icing sugar and Japayork's live synth-pop is my new thing today. Thanks to my beautiful housemate, I was treated to my first ever Brighton Pier donut (or doughnut?) en route to Uffie's show at Concorde. Japayork was her support, playing an intense set saturated with layers of soaring vocals, synths, electric guitar and a tar-black violin.

Not much is known about this guy yet, besides the fact that he's also a photographer, graphic designer and producer of his own music videos. What I do know: he flits from a frank mid-range to a trembling falsetto with a contagious and relentless on-stage energy and has a necklace obsession, as we briefly discussed last night. While The Guardian believes he may be the man to take male-fronted electro-pop into the mainstream for 2010 I simply enjoyed his performance for what it was: lively, engaging, and the perfect way to come up on a sugar high.

images courtesy of weheartit, myspace/japayork

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