Friday, 16 April 2010

Tomorrow, Tomorrow

And to think I'd almost forgotten: it's Record Store Day tomorrow! My child-like excitement mostly stems from the fact that Resident Music in the North Laine will be stocking a whole bunch of tasty new releases, for a fiver each. Highest on my list are probably the offerings from Beach House, Wild Beasts and Blakroc. Yeah, that's right: the Damon Dash-orchestrated collaboration between The Black Keys and Mos Def, Raekwon and ODB (when did he get outta jail??) amongst others. Get excited.

Rounder Records in the Lanes will also be taking part, dishing out their own batch of loads of limited edition vinyls, goodie bags and the chance to win a four-person berth at ATP next month (!). Resident's doors open at 9am, and Rounder's at 9:30am so I'll be wiping the sleep out my eyes to elbow other music lovers the hell out of my way come 8:30.

EDIT: you need to actually click on the Record Store Day image to enjoy the high-tech fun of the gif file graphic. YAY-UH.

image courtesy of recordstoreday

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