Monday, 26 April 2010

"We're Just Brutes"

Although I realise that this album isn't quite a new release (having come out last year) the middle eight breakdown in "Hooting & Howling" is undeniably my new thing to like. If you're looking for a near-flawless falsetto, look no further than Wild Beasts' lead singer Hayden Thorpe. With a breathy tenderness that immediately ups the drama ante, I'd recommend this for anyone who likes a little dash of the avant-garde in their music soup. Check it out below, and for those with Spotify you can have a listen to the whole album here.

Opening track includes one of the best ever lyrics related to booty calls:

"This is a booty call: my boot, my boot, my boot, my boot up your asshole"

image courtesy of domino records

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