Monday, 31 May 2010

Nineties Revival for Summer

Some of the blogsphere’s fashion heavyweights showing how it’s done. DUNGAREES! TYING KNOTS IN EVERYTHING! SWEATERS AROUND THE WAIST! SUEDE A-LINE MINIS! POLKA DOTS! THE LAST OF 80s OPULENCE! I like.

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Alex Lambrechts

"Tainted Love"

Broken Wings

This is the amazing site just put up by my friend and film-maker, Lloyd Eyre-Morgan. MICROPHONE CHECK IT. His short film Broken Wings will be screening in Sussex University's Silverstone Building this week and I'd advise all Brighton-based readers to be there. It follows the story of a rentboy in this seaside city, chronicling his experiences and apparently hitting us with a bit of a shocker ending. I'm going tomorrow because I've already heard great things. The film stars two dashing friends of mine, and looks to be an excellent debut piece from this talented youngster. See poster below for opening times and dates.

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Some Of Them Treats

Presenting Alexis Krauss and Derek Miller, also known as Sleigh Bells. No surprise that this duo is singed to MIA's label NEET Recordings- they've armed themselves with a suitably distorted and hard-hitting sound incorporating some of the best aspects of hip-hop and screeching electro. Over their bass-heavy mid-tempo beats Miller blasts out some pretty juicy riffs while Krauss flits everywhere from a soft breathy coo to shouty vocals in a riot grrl style.

This band is likely to divide opinion between those who can’t stand their simplistic power-duo approach, and others who will be awed and excited by just how much noise two people and their laptop can make. Sonically falling somewhere between the Kills produced by Pharrell covering the Kinks and L'il Wayne, I’ve got to place myself in the latter group. Their LP Treats dropped a few weeks ago on May 11th and is today my new thing to like. Check it out on Spotify or stream five of its tracks on their MySpace if you’re still waiting for your invite.

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Thursday, 27 May 2010


Anyone who denies the flaming beauty of them pale, redhead types lacks taste. Yeah, I said it. As well as generally loving all things fiery-haired and female, I've been listening to this again and remembering how great an album it is. Hit that.

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Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Arcade Fire Return

A. The Suburbs AA. Month of May
Ok, what is there not to like about this? First of all, this means we'll have another Arcade Fire record in our midst soon. Also, you can play around with the snippets on this digitised record; you can slow down, reverse and even attempt to 'scratch' it. Once the record is well and truly released it will be time to re-launch the age-old debate, "Which massive Canadian collective is better: Broken Social Scene or Arcade Fire?"

Get your rebuttal points ready now.

UPDATE: Listen to both songs in full here.

Saturday, 22 May 2010

Lazy Days


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Holy Fuck

Holy Fuck///Digital///Friday May 21st 2010

This Canadian four-piece destroyed Digital's little stage throughout a wildly energetic set last night. Combining an odd blend of electro-noise with poppy basslines and syncopated drum rhythms, these guys know how to get a pretty mellow croud moving at only 9pm. Brian Bordcherdt and Graham Walsh basically spent the whole gig stooped at half-mast, lunging towards their tangled mass of analog equipment in time to the kick drum. It was incredible. Definitely a live experience worth soaking in, whether you're an established fan or not.

From their Twitter, last night: "Thanks, Brighton, amazing as always!"
Well you weren't too shabby yourselves, guys.
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Tuesday, 18 May 2010


This Alchemy Gothic ring is giving me palpitations. It looks like it might restrict quite a few of my usually wild hand gestures, but I'd find a way around that. Plus it'd make a great new addition to my current feline pair of a lion bracelet and leopard ring: a leopard ring with SPARKLING EYES. This sort of costume jewellery is awesome, mostly because looking for it almost always takes you to stores you'd never normally set foot in. All those feeling richer and braver than I can bid on it here.

While we're on the subject can I please get an early delivery of any of these Santa? Thanks, you're a doll. I won't forget to put out your cookies this year.

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Styled by Sahara Widoff, of LundLund Agency.

Juice Interviews

Maxi Jazz of Faithless was interviewed on Brighton Juice FM's New Music Show a few weeks ago. I researched for and co-wrote it. Tony Marks then did it. Now you can listen to it below.

Also, I did the same for Local Natives in March. Andy Hamm (the bassist, centre in the photo) is the guy Tony's chatting to. This band is pretty adorable, but those of you who are cynical about the recent popularity of that Mumford & Sons/Fleet Foxes harmony-heavy sound may not be loving them. Those who enjoy bands with members that not only play but also all sing will be in heaven. Have a listen below too.

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Sunday, 16 May 2010

Great Escapin'

And so almost as quickly as it descended on our city, the Great Escape's all gone. Highlights were definitely the sets played by Broken Social Scene, Wild Beasts and These New Puritans. The low point? Discovering that my digital camera no longer wants to function and now refuses to take photographs. These two photos are basically all the proof I have that I even went to any gigs.

Broken Social Scene made the Corn Exchange rumble and rattle with their live renditions of "Fire Eye'd Boy", "World Sick" and "7/4 (Shoreline)". Not even Kevin Drew's hilariously preacher-like evangelism between songs could put a damper on their on-stage energy.

Wild Beasts' encore of "Hooting and Howling" made all the queuing outside the Pavilion Theatre worth it. Also, Hayden Thorpe's falsetto most certainly did not disappoint (he's pictured above).

These New Puritans opened at Audio with "We Want War" and got all the pretty, front row black-hoodie-beneath-black-leather-jacket boys heaving to and fro. Lush.

This is what I want to replace Sony's joke of a Cyber-shot digicam.

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