Monday, 31 May 2010

Some Of Them Treats

Presenting Alexis Krauss and Derek Miller, also known as Sleigh Bells. No surprise that this duo is singed to MIA's label NEET Recordings- they've armed themselves with a suitably distorted and hard-hitting sound incorporating some of the best aspects of hip-hop and screeching electro. Over their bass-heavy mid-tempo beats Miller blasts out some pretty juicy riffs while Krauss flits everywhere from a soft breathy coo to shouty vocals in a riot grrl style.

This band is likely to divide opinion between those who can’t stand their simplistic power-duo approach, and others who will be awed and excited by just how much noise two people and their laptop can make. Sonically falling somewhere between the Kills produced by Pharrell covering the Kinks and L'il Wayne, I’ve got to place myself in the latter group. Their LP Treats dropped a few weeks ago on May 11th and is today my new thing to like. Check it out on Spotify or stream five of its tracks on their MySpace if you’re still waiting for your invite.

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