Thursday, 29 July 2010

King of the Beach

And so a trend emerges: I just can't get enough of the latest wave (like what I did there?) of California lo-fi pop. The newest addition to this growing group of new things to like is Wavves, Nathan Williams' musical brainchild. Go back in time two albums ago and Williams was pretty much a one-man show, messing up live and pissing people off so much so that his music was dubbed 'brat punk' within months.

Now, backed by Jay Reatard (RIP)'s band and firmly latched onto Best Coast's rising star (he and Bethany are something of an item), his new album "King of the Beach" is being hailed as one to watch out for. If you're also feeling the slightly scuzzy and openly beach-obsessed sound, the LP's out August 3rd on Fat Possum/Bella Union. For now, have a listen to its title track below.

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Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Still Corners

Here's my song of the day: "Endless Summers" by new London band Still Corners. They've been getting recent love from the likes of Pitchfork, Gorilla Vs Bear and The Guardian. The song is pretty much perfect for a beautiful day like today.



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Tuesday, 27 July 2010


I stumbled across a beautiful poster made by this Bristol-based company last night and immediately knew I'd found my new thing to like for today. Jacknife posters are generally all designed by Chris Hopewell, and signed, numbered and printed on thick card. They're pretty, and soft to the touch.

The hand screen printed posters are used to promote bands, their tours, and whole festivals too. These are just a few of the bands they've worked with so far whom I like, so I figured I'd share. To see more, and to get in touch if you've got a band or event you'd like promoted, click HERE. Their team seems lovely.

And ps, I love how the Broken Social Scene poster mimics their 2005 eponymous release's cover.

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Monday, 26 July 2010

Midsummer Inspirations

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Sunday, 25 July 2010

Gold Panda

Admittedly, it's taken me a minute to jump on this train but I've just uncovered the sweetness that is Gold Panda. He was mentioned in BBC's Sound of 2010 longlist in December last year, but I (perhaps too hastily) navigated away from that when I saw Daisy Dares You and Marina & the Diamonds atop the list. Yawn.

However the one-man show behind Gold Panda (only known as Derwin) is one to take note of if you're a fan of Four Tet, Passion Pit and/or Aphex Twin. It's all about cut-and-paste sampling, and appreciating Gold Panda's ear for the best snippets to mould into a whole composition. My favourites are 'You' and 'Quitters Raga': they just ooze hazy, easy summer evenings. Listen below.

You by Gold Panda
Quitters Raga by Gold Panda

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"I Can Do Anything Good"

This kills me. The girl wasn't yet five when she went on this amazing Daily Affirmation monologue. What's better? That this video has over 3 million hits. New thing for today, found.

Saturday, 24 July 2010

La Mode Francaise

Louise & Alix (L-R)


Months after first stumbling across them, I figure it’s time to share my like-love for the top French style icons of the blogosphere. There are of course scores of blogs out there depicting various interpretations of modern French style, but these are just some of my favourites. I present to you Louise Ebel of Miss Pandora, Alix Bancourt of Cherry Blossom Girl, and Adeline Rapon.

Both Louise and Alix stick to the hyper-feminine aesthetic, something one of my ‘Cool Kids’ Lucy C. would definitely approve of. It’s all about chiffon, tulle, floral accessories and the stacked Miu Miu platform in every possible guise for these girls. They play dress up like little kids and it makes me smile. Adeline on the other hand brings in a much more minimal and masculine style. She’s fond of balancing over-sized garments with tight and short accents to retain an edgier sensibility. Most importantly I get the sense that all three girls have fun with their clothes, and aren’t ashamed of the frivolity inherently a part of focusing a lot of energy on their image and appearance. And hey, if you're gonna do it you may as well go large.

Follow the links to soak in a bit of pretty Parisian style that has NOTHING to do with the various, hideous 'I HEART PARIS' shirts and leotards that have been produced en masse for the summer season. Seriously. Just because it's got horizontal stripes does not make it authentic nor cool.


Welcome to Deerhunter’s first teaser for their September LP release, Halcyon Digest. The self-proclaimed ambient punk group have given a treat to all their fans (and people like you who can become brand spanking new ones) via a password-locked site. This is their latest full-length release since the beautiful Microcastle/ Weird Era Cont. double albums in 2008 (released on 4AD), and you can nab yourself the first single “Revival” HERE. The password is ‘tapereel’.

With loads of fun-sounding percussion and dreamy reverb-laden backing vocals, the lead single and B-side both barely clock in over five minutes but are fo sho my new thing to like today. Special mention goes out to the music box ending of “Primitive 3D”.

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Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Introducing Miss Sarwar

This is FrouFrouu, a fashion blog with a touch of grit. Not in the sense that its star goes all utilitarian all the time, nor that she comes off with that tough-girl attitude that so many other trendy bloggers do. Rather, Nadia Sarwar oozes honesty by dressing in a way that quite simply looks real.

She doesn’t fall prey to the tempting trap of blogging outfits that are of the attention-seeking OTT variety. Nah. Sarwar uses basics: a classic vintage hat, long streamlined masculine silhouettes and crisply appropriate accessories, to satisfy the eyes of all 1040 of her followers. Her blog is my new thing to like because it shows that style can still kick fashion’s ass. Also, it's just got an adorable name.

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Sunday, 18 July 2010

Tease Me, Interpol

Here's another one-track preview from Interpol's eponymous release, due to enter our worlds in September. The song is "Barricade" and is making me revel in just how much I love Paul Banks' voice. As you may have heard too, Interpol have made a couple of changes to their line-up. Although Carlos D will of course be missed, it's some consolation to know that he's responsible for the bass that gallops beneath this track and is indeed the bassist we'll hear throughout the album once it's out.

IB by a2725613

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Friday, 16 July 2010

Remembering Robyn

This is Swedish pop cutie Robyn as we now know her, slickly styled and well-branded. After the announcement of Body Talk Pt II's upcoming release on September 6th (Konichiwa/Island) I suddenly remembered my first encounter with Robyn. Ah, the sweet pop hilarity of the late 90s. All those who remember "Show Me Love" will be with me on this.

To hear how far she's come since then, check out the first instalment of the forthcoming Body Talk trilogy HERE.

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Thursday, 15 July 2010

"Can You Pay My Bills?"

Just stumbled across this lovely treat from Peggy Sue, courtesy of their label Wichita Recordings. I remember seeing this band play in 2006 when they were Peggy Sue and the Pirates, and only made up of two female voices and acoustic guitar. How thangs change.

Covering Missy Elliott never sounded so good.

Dum Dum Girls

This video is making me smile on this weirdly grey and windy day. "Bhang Bhang, I'm A Burnout" by the Dum Dum Girls.

Mr. Newton

Presenting a new thing to like that I've actually liked for a little while, but selfishly kept all to myself: Mr. Newton's street style blog. He's a New Yorker for the minute, a Southerner by birth, and a man with a great eye for the simple touches that make city dressing so beautiful.

He picks up on draping, oversized touches, stand-out accessories, colour-blocking and above all a sweetly subtle reading of femininity. Me likey. Check him out for jabs of inspiration when your wardrobe may start to bore you.

Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Crazy For You

Best Coast (aka Bethany Cosentino & Bobb Bruno) are streaming their first LP, Crazy For You, on Soundcloud. If lo-fi 60s-inspired Californian fuzz pop makes you smile, this is the place for you. If not just think beaches, palm trees and apparently tabby cats. You're there. Maybe since the 1960s pretty much perfected pop as we know it now, this retro sound just doesn't get old for me. Thank you, Guardian Music Blog for the link HERE.

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Pickpocket Academy

This is School of Seven Bells: a trio out to bring back the kind of shoegaze that makes you want to soar and not kill yourself. The band comprises twin sisters Claudia Deheza, Alejandra Deheza and definite non-twin Benjamin Curtis (ex-Secret Machines). They named themselves after a mythical South American school, renowned for teaching little kids to shoplift in the 80s. Fair play. Sounds like a fun way to kick things off.

Fast-forward six years later and SVIIB have come out with their sophomore effort Disconnect From Desire (off Full Time Hobby). It is both haunting and uplifting, tugging the ear in all sorts of directions at once. Combining slightly eerie synths with reverb-heavy guitar courtesy of Curtis, SVIIB haven't attempted a drastic departure in sonic texture from their 2008 debut Alpinisms, but are producing their own distinctive sound with skill. The Deheza sisters harmonise with a tightness and beauty that can only come from their common genes- other singers would work for decades to have their voices mesh this well.

Reminiscent of Grouper and of course Cocteau Twins, the overall result is an LP that sparkles. In particular 'Babelonia', 'Dial' and single 'Windstorm' stand out. Listen to a limited amount of tracks here, or just nab them all from Amazon like I did.

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Tuesday, 13 July 2010

"Hold Me Like You Used To"

Yeasayer///Concorde2, Brighton///July 12th 2010

And so my mind was blown. The five Brooklyn boys of Yeasayer were determined to rip the audience to pieces last night, and I can pretty safely say they succeeded. Sounding like poppy trip-hop exploded inside a Lonely Planet guide to the fundamentals of African syncopation, they proved there is worth to so-called Western bands incorporating 'world music' sensibilities into their music. With all three core members of the band taking to the mic at different points throughout the show (major props for playing fretless bass while harmonising), there's no shortage of talent when Yeasayer take to the stage.

Fabric curving along the ceiling at Concorde only added to the relaxed and den-like atmosphere created by the band's ethereal music. Highlights definitely included the live renditions of 'O.N.E', 'Sunrise' and 'Ambling Alp'. A powerful encore had the crowd throbbing along to wrap up a tightly rehearsed and well-measured set. Have a listen for yourself to both of their LP releases on ole Spotify.

images courtesy of myspace/yeasayer and me
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