Tuesday, 13 July 2010

"Hold Me Like You Used To"

Yeasayer///Concorde2, Brighton///July 12th 2010

And so my mind was blown. The five Brooklyn boys of Yeasayer were determined to rip the audience to pieces last night, and I can pretty safely say they succeeded. Sounding like poppy trip-hop exploded inside a Lonely Planet guide to the fundamentals of African syncopation, they proved there is worth to so-called Western bands incorporating 'world music' sensibilities into their music. With all three core members of the band taking to the mic at different points throughout the show (major props for playing fretless bass while harmonising), there's no shortage of talent when Yeasayer take to the stage.

Fabric curving along the ceiling at Concorde only added to the relaxed and den-like atmosphere created by the band's ethereal music. Highlights definitely included the live renditions of 'O.N.E', 'Sunrise' and 'Ambling Alp'. A powerful encore had the crowd throbbing along to wrap up a tightly rehearsed and well-measured set. Have a listen for yourself to both of their LP releases on ole Spotify.

images courtesy of myspace/yeasayer and me

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