Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Introducing Miss Sarwar

This is FrouFrouu, a fashion blog with a touch of grit. Not in the sense that its star goes all utilitarian all the time, nor that she comes off with that tough-girl attitude that so many other trendy bloggers do. Rather, Nadia Sarwar oozes honesty by dressing in a way that quite simply looks real.

She doesn’t fall prey to the tempting trap of blogging outfits that are of the attention-seeking OTT variety. Nah. Sarwar uses basics: a classic vintage hat, long streamlined masculine silhouettes and crisply appropriate accessories, to satisfy the eyes of all 1040 of her followers. Her blog is my new thing to like because it shows that style can still kick fashion’s ass. Also, it's just got an adorable name.

images courtesy of froufrouu

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