Saturday, 24 July 2010

La Mode Francaise

Louise & Alix (L-R)


Months after first stumbling across them, I figure it’s time to share my like-love for the top French style icons of the blogosphere. There are of course scores of blogs out there depicting various interpretations of modern French style, but these are just some of my favourites. I present to you Louise Ebel of Miss Pandora, Alix Bancourt of Cherry Blossom Girl, and Adeline Rapon.

Both Louise and Alix stick to the hyper-feminine aesthetic, something one of my ‘Cool Kids’ Lucy C. would definitely approve of. It’s all about chiffon, tulle, floral accessories and the stacked Miu Miu platform in every possible guise for these girls. They play dress up like little kids and it makes me smile. Adeline on the other hand brings in a much more minimal and masculine style. She’s fond of balancing over-sized garments with tight and short accents to retain an edgier sensibility. Most importantly I get the sense that all three girls have fun with their clothes, and aren’t ashamed of the frivolity inherently a part of focusing a lot of energy on their image and appearance. And hey, if you're gonna do it you may as well go large.

Follow the links to soak in a bit of pretty Parisian style that has NOTHING to do with the various, hideous 'I HEART PARIS' shirts and leotards that have been produced en masse for the summer season. Seriously. Just because it's got horizontal stripes does not make it authentic nor cool.

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