Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Pickpocket Academy

This is School of Seven Bells: a trio out to bring back the kind of shoegaze that makes you want to soar and not kill yourself. The band comprises twin sisters Claudia Deheza, Alejandra Deheza and definite non-twin Benjamin Curtis (ex-Secret Machines). They named themselves after a mythical South American school, renowned for teaching little kids to shoplift in the 80s. Fair play. Sounds like a fun way to kick things off.

Fast-forward six years later and SVIIB have come out with their sophomore effort Disconnect From Desire (off Full Time Hobby). It is both haunting and uplifting, tugging the ear in all sorts of directions at once. Combining slightly eerie synths with reverb-heavy guitar courtesy of Curtis, SVIIB haven't attempted a drastic departure in sonic texture from their 2008 debut Alpinisms, but are producing their own distinctive sound with skill. The Deheza sisters harmonise with a tightness and beauty that can only come from their common genes- other singers would work for decades to have their voices mesh this well.

Reminiscent of Grouper and of course Cocteau Twins, the overall result is an LP that sparkles. In particular 'Babelonia', 'Dial' and single 'Windstorm' stand out. Listen to a limited amount of tracks here, or just nab them all from Amazon like I did.

images courtesy of shout4music & dalatdesigns

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