Saturday, 24 July 2010


Welcome to Deerhunter’s first teaser for their September LP release, Halcyon Digest. The self-proclaimed ambient punk group have given a treat to all their fans (and people like you who can become brand spanking new ones) via a password-locked site. This is their latest full-length release since the beautiful Microcastle/ Weird Era Cont. double albums in 2008 (released on 4AD), and you can nab yourself the first single “Revival” HERE. The password is ‘tapereel’.

With loads of fun-sounding percussion and dreamy reverb-laden backing vocals, the lead single and B-side both barely clock in over five minutes but are fo sho my new thing to like today. Special mention goes out to the music box ending of “Primitive 3D”.

images courtesy of 4AD & thetripwire

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