Wednesday, 4 August 2010

The Mourning Press

This is the work of Faye Winslade and David Underwood, known collectively as the Mourning Press. The first image is courtesy of Underwood, and that directly above this text comes from the lovely Winslade. I specifically like their work because a) I have no knowledge of how to even go about print making beyond the etch-a-sketch style mess I made in 8th grade, and b) they're both hugely talented but humble and sweet people. Ok, sucking up over. I promise.

The Mourning Press is their online portfolio of sorts, showcasing completed pieces as well as works-in-progress. Both artists are available for commission and if you like what you see, you should come to THIS SEPTEMBER EXHIBITION in London.

Tasty sidenote: Underwood is also responsible for the best gig posters my band's ever had made. Below is one of my favourite's, from our mini summer tour last year.

images courtesy of fayewinslade & davidunderwood

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