Thursday, 12 August 2010


Introducing Leah Hayes' musical project, Scary Mansion. This atmospheric and beautifully ethereal band was thrown into my world via The Recommender (ps: one of Brighton's best blogs, and definitely one to follow for all things new music-related) and I've had it on my LikeRadar ever since. Fans of Feist and string sections will probably like her too.

Hayes is joined by bassist Bradley Banks and drummer Ben Shapiro (of Asobi Seksu) when crafting the work released under the Scary Mansion moniker. Her haunting vocal and use of the thunderstick (apparently a traditional Appalachian instrument that sort of vibrates and mimics a banjo's sound) create just the right level of dynamic swells and shifts over her rhythm section. It's all rather lovely. She's also an illustrator, whose work you can see on her own blog HERE.

Enjoy a video for "I Dumped My Mind" below. Talk of Scary Mansions is fairly apt, on a day when I viewed what must have been a home someone died in/a haunted house in Stockwell. Needless to say, we won't be taking it.

Click HERE to link to French label Talitres' site and buy her most recent LP (Make Me Cry, Oct 2009).

image courtesy of talitres

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