Wednesday, 8 September 2010


PLAY with a toy that folds out to reveal such prettiness
Steph Baxter's work
First of all, HELLO AGAIN BLOG-WORLD: I’ve missed you. Now settled in the new house, one of my first outings with some of my housemates was to this lovely illustration private view at East Gallery. It’s entitled PLAY and was put on by showcase platform, Inkygoodness.

As was to be expected from a gallery on Brick Lane, it was heaving with all sorts of hipster types who seemed generally unimpressed with the raucous laughter my housemate and I couldn’t suppress when faced with both insanely adorable and also some rather terrible art.
Steve Rack
These highlights are my new thing to like: the Dream Team of Stephanie Baxter, Steve Rack and the main attraction, McBess. Now I shan’t attempt a full-blown art critique here, since that’d most likely be hilarious. Instead I’ll just say that THIS IS WORTH POPPING INTO.

Baxter and Rack both use very cutesy characters and colours to pull at the eyeballs of the viewer and make them giggle aloud (or was that just us?). McBess on the other hand is all about beautifully intricate black and white illustration. This particular piece was actually a live design, which he sketched and drew right onto the Gallery's walls before and during the view. How AWESOME. I especially love how he draws hair, and throws in random profanity all over the show.

McBess' live art

Check his blog HERE to watch him make the mural in a fun timelapse clip.
images courtesy of me, mcbess, stephbaxter, steverack & inkygoodness

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