Thursday, 9 September 2010

Song of the Day: "Round the Moon"

SUMMER CAMP - Round the Moon from Paddy Power on Vimeo.

This is London-based duo, Summer Camp. They're Jeremy Warmsley and Elizabeth Sankley, and quite clearly lovers of the 1980s and all things teen-nostalgic. I'm feeling this, in a hazy and synthy sort of way. This song also reminds me of a great night that used to run in Brighton at its best club. New Hero you are sorely missed.

This duo were steeped in mystery when they first started gaining press attention earlier this year, but we now know that even though they've cut this video with footage from A Swedish Love Story, they are NOT Swedish. If you like what you hear and are in the South, go see them play at Jam in Brighton on September 30th, or at The Lexington in Islington on October 8th.

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