Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Fall into the Gap

So, about a week ago Gap tried out a new logo that bombed. Hard. My new thing to like is not only the hilarity surrounding their attempted re-branding (including a parody Twitter account for the logo and so much online rage about the changes) but the replacement designs submitted by a community of designers. Here are my personal favourites, for being either aesthetically pleasing or just funny.
Clean. Atakan Seckin
Ha. Pregnant 'G'. Steve Juliano
Probably my fave. But not really a logo. Ernesto Alonso
Brilliant. Nathan Regnier-Lange
These are in no way affiliated with the Gap by the way, although the company did call out for a ‘crowd sourcing’ mission: basically for those unhappy with the logo to submit their own ideas instead. For free. Except they then called that off and just went back to the original logo. HA.

Whether this was just a kinda convoluted way to direct traffic to the site and reignite interest in the brand, it’s still funny. Why just copy American Apparel’s logo style when it doesn’t make sense? Weird. But so great.

This little gem may remind you of Gap's commercial height, in the late nineties. This ad campaign used to get me up and dancing in front of the TV every time, as a kid.

images courtesy of their respective designers

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