Friday, 15 October 2010

Maren Celest

Maren Celest seems to be a pretty incredible woman: some sort of lovely photographer-illustrator-musician hybrid that is exactly a new thing to like on a day like today. I stumbled across her via Cashmere Club (which she's apparently a central element of too) and since then have been drawn to her endearing illustrations and beautifully lit photos.

Her band Photographers have some tracks streaming on Bandcamp HERE. Check them out for a pretty serving of male-female folky vocals over plucked acoustic guitar. It's a bit like an unplugged Stars, and definitely hints at a love of all things Sufjan Stevens-related. Celest (her middle name, in fact) is my new triple threat to like.

All photos courtesy of and owned by maren celest. All right reserved innit


Anonymous said...

Wow, thank you!

NewThings said...

You're welcome - on behalf of Maren Celest, of course! Do come back to NewThings again soon

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