Sunday, 14 November 2010

Avey Tare

Lucky 1 from Abby Portner on Vimeo.

Welcome to the crocodile-obsessed world of Avey Tare, aka Dave Portner from Animal Collective. For anyone who hasn't already heard of this experimental and creative mini super-group, get on that. Members include Panda Bear's Noah Lennox as well as Josh Dibb from Deakin and Geologist's Brian Weitz.

However, this post is all about Avey Tare. I've had his autumn single "Lucky 1" stuck in my head for ages now. Fans of Animal Collective's melodic and reverb-drenched harmonies are in luck here, as Portner uses a similar vocal technique on this solo record of his (out now on Paw Tracks). Add to that squelching electronic samples (all created by Portner) and you've got yourself a winner.

There's something both haunting and uplifting about this track, in a way that drives me to hit repeat time after time. Plus, it's got a great dynamic build and that pretty much gets me every time. 

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