Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Q & A with Ghostpoet

Name: Ghostpoet

Location: London, of course

Backstory: A hip hop MC, signed to Gilles Peterson's indie label, Brownswood Recordings. Ghostpoet first caught my eye (and ear) in June when I found myself drawn to his slightly slurred and lulled vocal delivery. His stories are those of a young man's life in London: from painful hangovers to even more painful mistakes made the night before, sprinkled with a little love and lust. The Guardian tipped him as their New Band of the Day a few months ago too, and with an LP on the way early next year the only way is up for this sharp-witted and well-rhymed man. I caught up with him to get an insight into the world of Ghostpoet. Read on below.

NewThingsToLike: Your EP’s been out now for just about two months: what were your first feelings when you heard the final edit played through?

Ghostpoet: Well, it’s been out for a fair few months now and surprisingly there’s still a fair bit of buzz around it! First time I heard it played through? Hmmm, I guess felt like I achieved something and it felt good to finally be taking the first steps into the “artist” domain...

NTTL: How did your signing to Brownswood come about?

GP: A friend of a friend played my Myspace to Brownswood, went in for a meeting and played some more demos; Giles was feeling it and things kind of flowed on from there…(that's the short version!)

NTTL: How do you go about your songwriting process? Do the lyrics tend to come first, or the beats and music?

GP: Music first to help create inspiration for the lyrics. May try it the other way round one day and see what happens!

NTTL: If you could list five of your biggest influences on the record, what would they be?

GP: Life, Love, Loss, Luck and Liquor.

NTTL: How about the top five bands/artists you’re listening to now?

GP: James Blake, Caribou, Vijay Iyer Trio, Jamie Woon and Big Boi.

NTTL: Where did you pick up your name from? And do you ever want people to refer to you by anything other than Ghostpoet when they talk about you as a musician?

GP: It's so long ago now I can’t honestly remember..I just knew I didn’t want to be a run of the mill rapper and I was fixated with ghosts for a period. Anything other then Ghostpoet? Never really thought about that! No, I’m happy with my name haha.

NTTL: What are your plans for an LP release? Your MySpace hints at one coming out in the next few months. How true are the rumours?

GP: The rumours are true! Haha, album is due to be released hopefully by Feb 2011.

NTTL: Who have you been working with to produce the record? Micachu is already cited on your EP: will you two be working together on the LP too?

GP: The album was produced by myself. My live band played on a couple of tracks and it was mixed by a lovely gentleman called Ean, formally of a group called Various Productions (check-them-out!)

NTTL: Where do you hope to see Ghostpoet in six months time?

GP: Hopefully still alive and kicking, still making music, gigging a lot and staying happy... it's the simple life for me!

Thanks so much to Ghost, and check out a free download of his EP Sound of Strangers HERE. If that wasn't enough, I've given you his new video below too. If you like what you hear, show him some love.

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Dee O. said...

AWESOME interview!! I had never heard of him before but now he is DEFINITELY on my Thanks so much for sharing!


Tshepo M. said...

Thanks Dee! I lover you blog too, it definitely is so GOOD GOOD (kill me for the cliche, yes?)
Let's be in touch fo sho.

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