Sunday, 21 November 2010


Audio, Brighton /// Saturday, November 20th 2010
This is Alexis Krauss. She clearly doesn't mess around, but she does shower her audiences with a combination of water and blinding love. Fronting Sleigh Bells last night, she gave one of the most charismatic and wildly energetic performances I've ever seen.

The tiny underground venue was perfect for a gig of this kind, with Krauss smashing the audience-performer barrier and spending most of her time perched on people's shoulders or dancing amongst the crowd. Highlights included brutally bass-heavy renditions of "Kids", "Infinity Guitars" and "A/B Machines". The totally relentless joy of "Crown On The Ground" pretty much made the entire set for me (embedded below).

If you've not yet listened to these guys, the time is now. They are on a mission to charm their way into everyone's hearts with an unabashedly sexual and playful approach. These are their treats.

image courtesy of me, so don't steal it.

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