Monday, 15 November 2010

Song of the Day: "Lightening Fossil"

Introducing Prince Rama. This is clearly what happens when three kids grow up a stone's throw from a Florida Hare Krishna colony, go to art school in Boston, then move to Brooklyn. And contrary to what any of those elements would instinctively suggest, I like. To think that they started off playing quick and thrashy pop-punk, and ended up with this mad mix still makes me laugh out loud.

Prince Rama combine real deal Sanskrit chants (!), grinding synths and beautifully syncopated drum sequences with a whole lot of psych-inspired reverb and delay on the vocals. Speaking of which, they can veer from operatic (in the songs below) to a sort of Kate Bush-like wail. Both female members, sisters Nimai and Taraka Larson, lend their vocal chords to the songs and it just works. Now that School of Seven Bells only contains one magical twin, Prince Rama may just nudge SVIIB off their position as my current top 'sister dream team' band.

Together with Michael Collins, they make weird and textured music that's difficult to ignore. Here's "Lightening Fossil", the fifth track from their September LP Shadow Temple (Paw Tracks).

image courtesy of combobreakerkid

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