Thursday, 30 December 2010

Song of the Day: "My Angel Lonely"

Jack Tatum clearly loves the 80s. He loves hazy guitar pop melded with dreamy vocals and all the best synth effects. As luck would have it, so do I. Wild Nothing is his 2009 creation, and now features Nathan Goodman (guitar and synths), Clay Violand (bass) and Michael Skattum (drums) live.

Full-length Gemini was released earlier this year, to some pretty rave reviews. It's a solid record, with all the right amounts of dips and pulls in dynamic. Have a listen on Spotify here for a nostalgic taste of a decade you potentially were too young to appreciate. Holla if you were born in the 80s! And if not, hey, enjoy it anyway.

image courtesy of theartofagency

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