Tuesday, 21 December 2010


Hello, F2D Clothing. This is a Birmingham-born label, short for Fresh 2 Def, and leaps onto my list of new things to like this year. In the nick of time, no less. The brainchild of friends Daniel Gardiner, Gary Thompson and Marcus Isaac has now grown into a rather tasty collection, that falls somewhere between high street, high end, and street wear.

Personally, the simple bomber cut blended with subtle and cohesive branding does it for me. Plus, Dani over at their PR is a total sweetheart, and sent me over an email full of F2D goodies in record time. F2D makes clothes that perfectly couple classy shapes with a so-called urban edge. Winners. Winners all the way.

The stock from their brand-new Survive Series is selling out fast, so check it out below if you're interested in picking up a few winter warmers before the new year.

images courtesy of f2dclothing

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