Sunday, 12 December 2010

TOP 10 of 2010: #1

This is my album of the year. Kinda sucks that The NME released their list before I did, and this also topped theirs, but that's that. Hidden weaves a dark and brooding story from start to finish, peppered with beautiful baroque elements of woodwind and brass. 

Somehow combining forward-thinking hip-hop with Radiohead-like mumbled vocals and jumpy piano lines, TNPS prove they are one to watch. On a first listen, it's endearing to hear repeated musical themes and refrains cropping up from one song to the next, pulling a thread of consistency through the record. Although this may not be the easiest melodic listening initially, it's a really rewarding record to fall in love with. 

Goodbye, top ten of 2010: you've been fun.

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