Saturday, 11 December 2010

TOP 10 OF 2010: #2

 "Love Kills".

Robyn equals my Queen of Pop: Part three of her Body Talk trilogy just kills it, on every level. She's included five tracks each from parts one and two, and also hit us with five brand new beauties. As far as tracklist strategy goes, it's genius. She pretty much pulls all the highlights from the two first records to create a near-flawless release.

This is Scand electro-pop at its best - bright, restless, wonderfully melodic and still lyrically sound. Although it still amazes me that Robyn isn't a massive pop sensation that's not even the point here; she weaves tales of heartbreak, heartache and a fucking dying club scene over euphoric beats with effortless cool. I would recommend this record to anyone who still has a pop sensibility, though battered after years of rubbish releases in the charts. 

This. Shit. Is. Bananas.

image courtesy of robyn/konichiwarecords

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