Friday, 30 April 2010


you will either love or hate this.

I, however, like it. There are just so many things to like about this video: Emily on guitar wincing when she plucks the third chord in the intro and realises two strings are just barely out of tune. B-I-L-L-I-E - H-O-L-I-D-A-Y spelled out constantly, like a mantra (it was about time a band wrote that lyric, wasn't it?). The idea that singing in the rain can go from joyous Gene Kelly to this melancholy ode to fidelity. The sound of wet wheels rolling over slick streets in the background each time a car drives by. And of course, their vocal harmonies. Yes, New Things To Like will continue to revel in vocal performances for now and forever more.

WarPaint are, according to their MySpace and Facebook pages, coming to Brighton's Great Escape in two weeks. They are nowhere to be found on the festival website's gig listings though, but please let's believe their hype: these four girls seem as though they'd be a joy to watch in an intimate live setting. If you like what you hear, part with your email address on their site below and grab a free download of their new song "Elephants".

WarPaint are:
Emily Kokal (vocals, guitar, grey hoodie)
Theresa Wayman (vocals, guitar, black hoodie)
Jenny Lee Lindberg (bass, vocals, pretty glasses)
Stella Mozgawa (drums, keys, possibly filming/not pictured)

image courtesy of sonymusic

Thursday, 29 April 2010

Dan Martensen

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Yes, Pharrell. Yes, Alice Dellal. And forever, Erin Wasson.

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Well hello Interpol, we've missed you.

Enter an email address to get a free download of their new song.

Miss Smallfry

Sarah Jeavons is a beautiful and scarily intelligent photographer/ anthropologist-in-training, whose photos you can view here. As a person, she was my new thing to like about two years ago when I was first intimidated and awed by her at university. And now she gets a blog shout-out because her photos are brilliant, and just make me want to be wherever her lens last was.

images courtesy of sarahjeavons

Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Stressss//Born Free

MIA "Born Free"

M.I.A is back, with a ridiculously violent and brutal video to accompany her new single, "Born Free". It's directed by Romain Gavras, the same controversial Frenchman who gave us "Stress" a few years ago, and has already made the rounds on several blogs and sites. Although it initially seems like nine minutes is a long time to spend watching a music video (or is it, Lady Gaga?) this is so worth it.

If all that pseudo-genocide REALLY gets you going, have some dessert in the form of "Stress", embedded below.

Justice "Stress"

Semi-Socialist Streets

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There's something depressingly fascinating and true about the fact that Scandinavians just seem to know how to dress better than most other Europeans/everyone. I've been revisiting three of my favourite Scand street style blogs, and thus crowned them my new thing today:

I still find myself tickled and inspired by the fearless use of clashing prints, layering and androgynous accents that lends these major cities their own brand of 'cool'. I mean, when you've got sixteen year-old girls putting together the types of outfits that do NOT include cheaply re-hashed high street trends or "Little Miss Sexy"/"I'm Gorgeous!" t-shirts, you know these people are getting something right.

images courtesy of sklmstreetstyle, cphstreetstyle, hellooks

Monday, 26 April 2010

"We're Just Brutes"

Although I realise that this album isn't quite a new release (having come out last year) the middle eight breakdown in "Hooting & Howling" is undeniably my new thing to like. If you're looking for a near-flawless falsetto, look no further than Wild Beasts' lead singer Hayden Thorpe. With a breathy tenderness that immediately ups the drama ante, I'd recommend this for anyone who likes a little dash of the avant-garde in their music soup. Check it out below, and for those with Spotify you can have a listen to the whole album here.

Opening track includes one of the best ever lyrics related to booty calls:

"This is a booty call: my boot, my boot, my boot, my boot up your asshole"

image courtesy of domino records

Sunday, 25 April 2010

Japayork + Sugar High

The combination of loads of icing sugar and Japayork's live synth-pop is my new thing today. Thanks to my beautiful housemate, I was treated to my first ever Brighton Pier donut (or doughnut?) en route to Uffie's show at Concorde. Japayork was her support, playing an intense set saturated with layers of soaring vocals, synths, electric guitar and a tar-black violin.

Not much is known about this guy yet, besides the fact that he's also a photographer, graphic designer and producer of his own music videos. What I do know: he flits from a frank mid-range to a trembling falsetto with a contagious and relentless on-stage energy and has a necklace obsession, as we briefly discussed last night. While The Guardian believes he may be the man to take male-fronted electro-pop into the mainstream for 2010 I simply enjoyed his performance for what it was: lively, engaging, and the perfect way to come up on a sugar high.

images courtesy of weheartit, myspace/japayork

Saturday, 24 April 2010

Janelle Monae

Introducing Janelle Monae, my new thing today. When a few months ago she was recommended to me by a close friend for her soulful vocal I didn't fully pay attention to just how awesome she is. Lesson learned. And apologies made. She somehow combines a throaty trill with lyrics on being an alien from outer space without even approaching douche-baggery. Her 2008 EP, Metropolis: The Chase Suite is a mind-blowing journey through her very own imagined solar system and cybertronic realms of funk sensibilities.

Her video for new single "Tightrope" works in the same odd fashion, set in an asylum and crammed with slick monochromatic ensembles, massive bow ties and THAT hair. Riding atop a sharp descending bassline and those oh-so-Motown tambourines, Janelle's vocal performance shimmers along effortlessly throughout. Co-exec producer Big Boi's cameo is basically the icing on the cake here.

Album The ArchAndroid out May 18th on Wondaland Arts Society/Bad Boy Records.

Friday, 23 April 2010

Jason Lee Parry

"Window To The Yellow Summer"

Jason Lee Parry's portfolio has made me crave high school pool parties. It's my new thing to like, especially having just seen most of my high school posse and remembered all the undeniably suburban memories we built together. Granted, my living room didn't look quite as kitsch as the one photographed on Parry's set, but a girl can dream.

images courtesy of jasonleeparry

Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Great Escape Line-Up 2010

At last, the listed times and venues for this year's Great Escape festival are up! For those who may not have heard of it, the Great Escape is sort of a three day showcase and general gig hybrid: it lets new bands strut their stuff under the salacious gaze of scouting record labels while recently signed acts and the odd veteran play shows too.

This year's headliners are apparently Groove Armada, although more importantly Broken Social Scene will be playing The Corn Exchange on Saturday May 15th. BE THERE. Tickets are still available, although the three-day pass has now gone up from £45 to £55. You can snap up some individual day tickets instead, in case you've only got your eye on a few acts (range from £22.50 to £30). It's a total bargain, especially considering the next time most of these bands return to Brighton's fair shores their ticket prices will be nearing £12 - 15 apiece. Ouch.

Other highlights:

Sons of Noel & Adrian

Darwin Deez

These New Puritans

The Leisure Society

Best Coast

For A Minor Reflection (mostly because they're really nice guys)

Pope Joan
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Monday, 19 April 2010

Pebbles in Boots

Hello Brighton beach. Funny to think I've been living in your city for almost four years but have only been lying all over you since Easter. For this, you become my new thing to like, even though you are definitely not new and not just a thing but an awesome thing. Pebbles falling out of my boots almost daily is perhaps the real new thing to like here, but let's give the ocean some blog-flavoured love instead.

In other beach-related news, Beach House's Teen Dream (Bella Union/Sup Pop) has been on constant rotation since I snapped it up for a fiver at Resident on Saturday. Definite highlights so far include opener "Zebra", single "Norway" and penultimate track "Real Love". Victoria Legrand's vocals are strangely haunting and also kind of like a guy's. I mean, in a good way, but an initially confusing way too. The woozy simplicity of this record may not appeal to everyone's tastes, but so far the poppy aah-ing backing vocals and cheap drum machine have won me over.

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Saturday, 17 April 2010

Barbara Vidal

"Where you are it's just getting light"

Ok, I swear at some point soon I'll stop writing post after post on/related to/rejoicing about the sun. Or maybe I won't..? Vidal catches its light in such a way that her dripbook editorial is my new thing today. Nothing quite like that tingly whisper of springtime sun on your still-wintery skin.

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Friday, 16 April 2010

Erykah Strips

Erykah Badu is back, with the sequel portion to 2008's New Amerykah Part One: 4th World War, entitled New Amerykah Part Two: Return of the Ankh. No need to make the jokes about how she almost always includes her own name somehow epically in her album titles: it's already been done. Nonetheless, it's great to hear her returning to the well-crafted yet somehow still unhinged sound reminiscent of Worldwide Underground in 2003. My new thing extends, however, to include the video for first single "Window Seat", in which Badu strips down, gets 'shot' in JFK's assassination spot, then bleeds a word in ink that I've still not been able to decipher. Any help there is welcome. Since YouTube versions keep getting shut down, head to her official site to take a peek at her censored bod.

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Tomorrow, Tomorrow

And to think I'd almost forgotten: it's Record Store Day tomorrow! My child-like excitement mostly stems from the fact that Resident Music in the North Laine will be stocking a whole bunch of tasty new releases, for a fiver each. Highest on my list are probably the offerings from Beach House, Wild Beasts and Blakroc. Yeah, that's right: the Damon Dash-orchestrated collaboration between The Black Keys and Mos Def, Raekwon and ODB (when did he get outta jail??) amongst others. Get excited.

Rounder Records in the Lanes will also be taking part, dishing out their own batch of loads of limited edition vinyls, goodie bags and the chance to win a four-person berth at ATP next month (!). Resident's doors open at 9am, and Rounder's at 9:30am so I'll be wiping the sleep out my eyes to elbow other music lovers the hell out of my way come 8:30.

EDIT: you need to actually click on the Record Store Day image to enjoy the high-tech fun of the gif file graphic. YAY-UH.

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Thursday, 15 April 2010

Baby, You So Fine

That's right kids, it's objectification time. I present to you the under-rated Mr Pitt of Hollywood, actor/musician/sometimes model, Michael Pitt. Having agreed with Matthew that Pitt was my new thing yesterday, I'll just keep this post simple. He's hot. I like that. See The Dreamers for proof.

images courtesy of theinsider, babeaholic.blogspot

Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Sultry Cat

This sexy fox may actually be a cat, but check out her blog anyway, here. This is my new thing because not only am I lucky enough to have partied with and spooned this woman, but she's got an incredible eye for style and a sharp ear. Check out her awesomely colourful and delicious links to various videos, clothing lines and the odd political piece. She's just made me remember how much I used to love Lykke Li's "Little Bit" too. And she tweets. BOOM.

image courtesy of catspooner.blogspot

Damn Crazy Brat

Rapper Uffie's coming to Brighton next weekend: NEW THING TO LIKE. All those in favour of this pint-sized potty-mouthed girl probably already have tickets but if not, grab them now. With the type of egoism that makes it pretty easy to hate her, Uffie crafts simple guest drops and songs that generally stick to the repertoire of smack-talk, partying hard, and how hot she considers herself. No seriously, she's good. The freaky hot ladies and gents at New Hero's Somewhere In The Universe... night are responsible for hosting this gig and making my week.

Although her first album is yet to drop (May 31st on Ed Banger Records), Uffie's already made quite a name for herself on the French electro scene. She's been rubbing shoulders with the cream of Busy P's crop on Ed Banger, as well as guesting on Justice's TTHHEE PPAARRTTYY and Steve Aoki's 2007 mixtape release Pillowface And His Airplane Chronicles. With her lazy vocal delivery and unapologetic attitude, I can only hope that her live set is as ridiculous and cheeky as her singles so far. Fingers crossed for a mass sing-a-long to "Hot Chick".

images courtesy of, new hero, myspace/uffie

Thursday, 8 April 2010

Kisses From The Sun

The sun's coming. YES. I promise to do a real post soon, but in the meantime will leave you with a link to an interview with bassist Andy from Local Natives that I co-wrote, here. It aired on Brighton Juice FM's New Music Show a few weeks ago and was my first time hearing my words on air. FUN. In other news, where can I get Erykah Badu's drip sunglasses?

images courtesy of studded hearts, saganendalusa, upscale hype & ashley ording
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