Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Song of the Day: "Georgia"

This is Yuck, a band I've been quietly loving since spring. They're North Londoners, with a distinctive scuzzy sound - no bonus points awarded for comparisons to Yo La Tengo, unfortunately. Still, rather than coming off as some sort of worrying 90s grunge revival act, they ooze an effortless cross between slight nostalgia and the sort of music teenagers now would want to grow up shoegazing to.

They've a penchant for curling away into the tenderness of spartan piano and vocals tracks before exploding into panoramic walls of sound. Round of applause for pulling off the balancing act with all limbs intact.

If you like the Drums, Sonic Youth and dirty reverb then you will love them. See more HERE.

image courtesy of yuckvimeo

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