Saturday, 29 January 2011

Valentine's Day x Street Casuals

Actual Pain Pyramid sweatshirt
CTRL Putangina Collar shirt
Lavenham Denham Jacket
The Hundreds Plot tee
Actual Pain Sixth Seal tee

Hello, Street Casuals. The Street Casuals online shop launched in September 2010, but the idea behind it has been a long time coming. Founded by an entrepreneur who'd spent the last twenty years working in fashion, the site picks the very best from interesting global streetwear and accessories brands and pools them together in one store.

It's a great concept, and is backed by a truly passionate team. Street Casuals stock the likes of Penfield, CTRL, FILA (did we ever think we'd see them again?? Psyched) and personal favourite Actual Pain. Plus, they've got loads of offers on at the moment. Valentine's Day doesn't factor in massively on the New Things calendar, but if that'll inspire some of you to pick up a little something for someone, then go crazy!

Big love to the Street Casuals press team, who were great to work with and truly lovely.

all images courtesy of Street Casuals. ©

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