Saturday, 12 February 2011

FREE SHIT Part 11: We Have Band

"Free Mix" - We Have Band

Pretty much what it says on the tin: this is a free mixtape from London three-piece We Have Band. Its highlights are definitely the Deerhunter remix that opens it, and the Lykke Li and Twin Shadow remixes at the end. Feel free to fast forward somewhere between 4:32 and 6:57 if your attention span is anything like mine.  

Click the little downward-pointing arrow in the player to download.
  1. Deerhunter - Helicopter (Diplo and Lunice mix)
  2. Flying Lotus - Computer Face/Pure Being
  3. Vincent Markowski - The
  4. Four Tet - Sing
  5. Seams - Hung Markets
  6. Arthur Russell - Make 1, 2
  7. Light Asylum - A Certain Someone
  8. Lykke Li - Get Some (Beck Remix)
  9. Twin Shadow - Castles In The Snow (Com Truise Remix)

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