Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Jeff the Brotherhood

Jake Orrall
Jamin Orrall

Jake and Jamin Orrall are two talented brothers from Nashville. They play unbridled, catchy rock with a rawness that belies their age and simple guitar-drums line-up. Last night they played CAMP Basement, at the end of their European tour leg, and put on an incredible show.

Jake sings and strums his three-string guitar with loose, sexual abandon. Jamin does that cute thing drummers do where they play it all cool in the back, but are really smiley and personable when they get on the mic. Blaring through tracks from new LP Heavy Days, they never once lost momentum or the love of the crowd. Plus, Jake was constantly coming down from the stage to say hello and thrust about amongst us, so things stayed fresh.

Buy their album now if you like whiskey from Tennessee, the White Stripes, distortion and a good meaty riff.

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