Friday, 25 February 2011

A Number of Young Lovers

L-R: Andre, Buz, Matt, Matthew, Lucy
A Number of Young Lovers are a Brighton-based band who fall somewhere between a folksy scene and a beautiful melodic landscape of melancholy pop. Singer Matthew Hamblion would probably kill me for even mentioning 'folksy' in a sentence with the band name, but their fusion of Hawaiian-esque ukelele  and male-female vocals does make it a lazy call.

Their music spans a wide variety of influences, swinging from Springsteen to Radiohead to the Talking Heads all in a song. Reading about it on a screen doesn't really do their live performance justice though. I mean, with a saxophone, melodica and some sort of homemade horn-like instrument on stage (above) this isn't just a group re-hashing all their favourite bands.

A Number of Young Lovers play with a quiet confidence and warmth that I find contagious. As a frontman, Hamblion draws you in to his performance and tugs at your ear, willing you to really listen to the lyrics and place yourself inside their story. To hear more, head over to their Facebook fan page or Tumblr. The songs featured here are from past demos, and don't reflect their new line-up.

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