Wednesday, 30 March 2011


Introducing Toronto-based Austra. Fronted by Katie Stelmanis, this trio (sometimes fleshed out by more members on stage) pull influences in from as far afield as Nine Inch Nails and Puccini. Stelmanis is a classically trained signer and pianist but her recent feature on Fucked Up's The Chemistry of Common Life would have you think otherwise.

I like this band primarily because the harshness of their electronic samples sits really well with Stelmanis' rounded and powerful voice. Whether you buy them being part of the so-called 'nu goth' scene or not, this band have some really catchy and sticky melodies up their sleeves. (I've been singing "Lose It" non-stop since listening to it once this morning).

Check out their creepy and NSFW video for lead single "Beat And The Pulse" below.

AUSTRA "Beat and the Pulse" by domino

Album Feel It Break is out May 17th on Domino.

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