Thursday, 17 March 2011

Song of the Day: "Silly Bears"

Silly Bears by Akron/Family from Secretly Jag on Vimeo.

I like Animal Collective, so it's really no surprise that this song makes me happy. In the wonderful world of Akron/Family (whom I kept misreading and avoiding as some weird off-shoot Akon project for ages) anything goes. They play with found sounds, folk sensibilities, and pretty ridiculous rhythmic patterns. This isn't easy pop listening or anything, but I've found it to rewarding to get into.

If you like those 'ALL TOGETHER NOW' shouted bits that The Most Serene Republic and The Arcade Fire dabble in, you'll be pleased.

Their video for "So It Goes" it also just a rather hilarious piece. Or maybe that's just my sense of humour.

Album S/T II: The Cosmic Birth And Journey Of Shinju TNT is out now of Young God Records.

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