Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Johnny's Bird

Just awesome. Get this woman on your radar.

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Song of the Day: "Delicate Position"

This one comes from brand new Cascine signing, Wintercoats. James Wallace is the man behind this ethereal dream-pop outfit, and has just been welcomed to the same family that includes great producers and musicians like Chad Valley & Jensen Sportag. Enjoy "Delicate Position", and have a listen to fresh release "Windmill" if you like what you hear.

Saturday, 28 May 2011

Things What's On My Mind: 4

Springtime inspiration for that whole transitory, tempermental weather period. Clearly it's all about shirts buttoned to the top, that big hat of my dad's that I can't stop wearing and light fabrics that are easy to layer.

Also, what's better than Twin Shadow merch and those great Am Ap thigh-high socks? Almost nothing, that's what.

images from SnowBlackBlog, Ms VintageVirgin, RinnyRiot, Nyanzi, ParisMostWanted

Reviewed: PS I Love You - Meet Me At The Muster Station

My latest review for Addict Music. PS I Love You are also following me on Twitter. JOY PARTY.

Like the perfect antidote to a woefully bad rom-com, scuzz pop duo PS I Love You are still on a mission to win the hearts of those who stumble across their debut record. Meet Me At The Muster Station may have come out last year in the US, but its re-release on Paperbag Records this side of the pond is causing a well-deserved stir. The fact is, these two are really good at what they do. If you thought relatively uncomplicated four to the floor drum patterns haven’t been worth listening to since The White Stripes’ ‘The Hardest Button To Button’, then you really ought to lend your ear to this blistering 10-song effort from Paul Saulnier and Benjamin Nelson.

Maybe it’s something to do with the part of Ontario they hail from, and the crushing winters they must endure, but there’s a certain giddy hysteria to this album. It’s beautifully infectious. It’s the sound of twenty-somethings with too much time on their hands, stories to document and the bare bones of songs in their heads. Except it’s that sound turned into a scorching half hour of noise-pop scattered with barely discernable vocals. Standard fare if you’re PS I Love You, it turns out.

Attempting to condense all the raucous elements of this record into a review is in itself almost as challenging as trying to figure out exactly what Saulnier’s yelping beneath the guitar fuzz on ’2012′. An ambitious guitar hook lies central to the song, and has its brilliance highlighted further when Saulnier literally sings to its tune in the chorus. His guitar histrionics are really a large part of what make PS I Love You different from most bands in the sort of noise-indie bag. I mean, this guy can really play.

You get the sense that when trying to express an emotion or desire in words just takes too much effort or seems contrived, he busts out a fretboard-destroying solo instead. Somehow, on tracks like ‘Facelove’ and lead single ‘Get Over’ this comes off sounding nothing like that lame guy who listened to too much Slash instead of going out and making friends. It just sounds earnest.

Behind it all sits Nelson, thumping and thundering along to Saulnier’s oft-erratic melodies. Within the duo he tends to sound like the resounding voice of reason: his attention to detail and clear technical skill stop PS I Love You spiralling into the realms of messy and shambolic experimental rock. Whether creating the addictive rhythm pattern on ‘Butterflies & Boners’ (in which the girl in question gives Saulnier the kind of nervousness that makes him want to throw up, apparently) or bank robbery re-teller ‘Breadends’, he creates the drive that propels each song from section to section. This is essentially what makes PS I Love You’s debut so rewarding and exciting: they know how to capture a wildness and energy and distill it into 3-minute blasts of lo-fi that borrows from both grunge and pop.

Butterflies & Boners

This is one to unravel and enjoy, and to play on rotation for a while. Loud.

4.5/5 stars

Friday, 27 May 2011

Song of the Day: "Julius"

STRFKR (or Starfucker) are another one of those great Portland bands knocking about at the moment. I was sent this video ages ago and kept forgetting to post it. Oops. This song has the right mix of joyful synth action and weirdness that would please fans of Animal Collective and Friendly Fires. Let this soundtrack a bit of your long weekend and everything will be great.

My Panda Shall Fly

This My Panda Shall Fly rework is pretty much the only way anyone's ever gonna get me to listen to The Weeknd. I mean, if white people wanna hear r'n'b that much, just listen to this or any other song that sounds like it. The whole idea of hipster r'n'b that makes it 'cool' to listen to a repackaged version of an entire genre makes me giggle.

Anyway, this blog isn't a haterade distribution space, so I'm gonna move on to giving props to My Panda. They started off as a trio a few years ago and now seem to be a one-man show run by Suren Seneviratne in London. He's been getting some love from the likes of Drowned in Sound recently too, and this version of "Love Through Her" has already been making the blog rounds. I like it. A lot. To see him in action head to the Nest tonight. It's free before 10pm, then a fiver from then on.

Thanks to MPSF for reaching out and sending me the track, because it pretty much made my morning. Enjoy.

My Panda Shall Fly - Yoyo [OFFICIAL VIDEO] from My Panda Shall Fly.

Q & A with The Americans

This is from ages ago, but I completely forgot to share it. I got to interview Sean Lennon colalborators The Americans for Deer Brains blog and they were just as I'd imagined: child-like, totally anti-technology and pretty funny. Check it out here.

Stream 'Cults' by Cults

Because its summery goodness is infectious enough to combat this ridiculously indecisive London weather. Elements of 60s pop collide with dark storylines to create something that I think proves the hype machine right, at least this time. Enjoy.

via guardian music

Wednesday, 25 May 2011

The Sandwitches

They're an all-female trio who play slightly fuzzy, warm pop with a sixties edge. I mean, it's a more reverb-heavy version of a sixties vocal, but has those sort of doo-wop girl group melodies. I think they're rather lovely.

The Sandwitches about to have some tracks released on Bay Area label City Limits, focused on giving local music scenes exposure online. I mainly like their somewhat dreamy, somewhat eerie songs and just wanted to share. Plus, their name is pretty great. It just makes me think of a sandwich with grains of sand stuck in it though, which perhaps isn't so great.

Keep an eye out for the City Limits record compilation from San Francisco, due out digitally on Tuesday May 31st, and physically from about June 21st.

Balam Acab

With an EP out last year, all eyes are on this one-man group in the time leading up to his mysterious new release. So far we just know it might be called I WANDER/ I WONDER and has these teaser videos up. C'mon Alec Koone, tell us more.



The record is due to be released on witch-house king, Tri Angle Records (How To Dress Well, Holy Other).

Monday, 23 May 2011

New Things for Style It TV

I got papped in Brighton during the Great Escape, and chatted to a lovely camerawoman about my style. This is fairly hilarious to watch because I was literally just dressed for work: in other words, the most breathable fabrics and least amount of accessories possible. I mean dang, if I'd known I was gonna be on the telly I'd have put some work in. Ha. Scroll to 1:19 if you're my mum and just want to get right to the nitty gritty.

Big shout to Kirsty and Alex, and DK Goldstein for waiting around for me while we filmed.

Song of the Day: "Stumble"

Bonjay are the newest signing to One Bird Records, and are on a mission to bring dancehall to another level. And yes, while Sean Paul has done good things for taking the genre to the mainstream, this Toronto duo are looking to shake up your understandings of the Caribbean sound a little bit. It's all about humming bass and poppier elements on this single "Stumble". Its B-side "Creepin", can be heard on the One Bird Soundcloud here.

They play Bush Hall on Tuesday June 7th, supporting MEN. Come say hi if you'll be there too, cos I think it's gonna be a great show.

Bonjay - Stumble (Addy version) from Bonjay on Vimeo.

Friday, 20 May 2011

FREE SHIT PART 19: Niki & the Dove

This, my friends, is "The Fox" by Niki & the Dove. I first posted it on Facebook about a month ago, and am pretty damn excited to share the free download with you all. Thanks to the darlings at Sub Pop Records for giving this treat away to all of us: we owe you one.

These Swedish talents are playing London at Electrowerkz on Tuesday May 24th and Brighton on Thursday May 26th at the Haunt (for only a fiver). It's going to blow up so hard. Be there.

Photo Diary 5

Holy Ghost!
JBs Diner
Oh Land
Little Dragon
Yuck (clearly)
Factory Floor
The Haunt

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