Sunday, 8 May 2011

The Good Natured

You may have heard some industry buzz about this female-fronted trio late last year, but I thought it was time to give them some well-deserved column inches on New Things. The Good Natured are Sarah McIntosh's brainchild, and have recently been signed to Regal (an imprint of Parlophone Records). Their music is poppy, with a slightly dark edge. Kind of what Zola Jesus might make if she went more upbeat but sang in higher tones and kept her hair all messy. Note: Sarah is just nineteen.

The group are giving away a free download of single 'Wolves' (embedded at the top) from the Skeleton EP. You can right-click-save it here or like them on Facebook and get it as a gift here. I'd recommend jumping on that if you'd enjoy the work from the same man who's produced Robyn in the past. It's danceable synth-pop that doesn't sound overly clinical or synthetic. Yummy.

Prisoner by The Good Natured

They're playing a select number of UK dates at the end of the month, so find out more on that here too. The Skeleton EP comes out on June 20th, on vinyl and digital. 

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