Thursday, 19 May 2011

Great Escape Day 2: PS I Love You

Yes, PS I Love You, I actually love you. This two-piece stormed into the earliest set on the Friday and packed out the Prince Albert. I saw later that the queue to get in was practically circling around the block. Thank Gawd for the power of the photo pass, and the courage it gives you to basically cut in line. Danielle and I ended up right at the front, in prime position to enjoy their scuzzy, screechy garage pop.

Note: drummer Benjamin absolutely destroyed the last song. It was the only moment in the set when he looked up into the crowd (and not up to the ceiling/down at his snare) while building to a ridiculous crescendo. I think just about every straight woman within his view crashed into lust at that point.

They're definitely one to watch this year, and I really hope they do as well in general as they did at that one gig.

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