Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Great Escape Preview: Christian AIDS

There's basically nothing known about this duo. When I say basically nothing, I mean the music journo community has only managed to uncover that there are two of them and they're from Manchester. The only images that have accompanied their tunes or videos so far have been ultra-grainy, cryptic or just about AIDS.

Normally, that last sentence would totally put me off a band. However, these two are bringing back a Klaxons feel to so-called chillwave, with a dirty electro touch. It sounds like that time between 3am and 6am when you feel like anything can happen but usually you're falling asleep on a night bus or kissing someone whose full name you'll never know. Plus, I trust the judgement of the awesome people of Double Denim Records, and they've just released a Christian AIDS single this past Monday.

It's dark and a little ethereal (much to the chagrin of anyone who happily waved goodbye to witch house at the end of last year) and I like it. Also, it'll be good to get right up in the front at Audio to see what they look like. If they rock up wearing masks, I am going to kick off. (Ok, not really).

Audio /// Friday /// 19:15

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