Monday, 20 June 2011

Q & A with Ghosting Season

Exercise Us by Ghosting Season

Ghosting Season are Tom Ragsdale and Gavin Tilley from Leeds. You may know of them from brooding electronica project worriedaboutsatan, but they've got another set of songs in store for us under this new band name. I met up with them at the Lexington last week to find out more. We ended up talking about the Kardashians in hot tubs, but some more professional stuff too.

Big shout to Bang On PR and Ghosting Season's manager, Zoe Davis for organising the meet and greet so well. Their EP Far End Of The Graveyard is out today, and you can grab it here. Have a listen on Soundcloud first, but I'm pretty sure they'd massively appreciate the support of people buying it too.

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