Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Stars: The Bedroom Demos

Pull your minds back to 2007: geeks queue up for the last Harry Potter book, Marion Jones admits she loved herself some steroids and Stars give us the album In Our Bedroom After The War.

These little gems above are the demos and scrapped recordings from that session. This band use male-female vocals, pop songwriting and storytelling to such great effect that I've sort of loved them consistently since I was about 15.

The female vocals come from Amy Millan, whom you may recognise from her solo work and drop-in sessions with huge Canadaian indie conglomerate Broken Social Scene. In fact, everyone in this band is counted among the many talented musicians who make up that shambolic band, and male singer Torquil Campbell's a bit of an actor too. He's, er, been on Sex And The City guys. No lie.

Anyway, I'm looking forward to going back in time a few years with these songs and if you enjoy that sort of Canadian indie fare you probably will too.

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