Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Q & A with Bonjay

I like that this title rhymes. More than that, I like this band. Bonjay are currently releasing their brand of electronic-dancehall through One Bird Records, and blowing my mind with it.

I spoke to both Alanna Stuart and Ian 'Pho' Swain about recording the record, curried goat and who the hell 'Donna Boogie' is (clue: she may or may not have been Stuart, at some point). It's all over on Don't Panic online (where I've been spending all my time and thus ignoring my darling blog. Shitters).

image courtesy of ErikaWall

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benazona said...


This is a small project we do in NYC. It is called Walter.  Hope you like.

Thanks for all the great music suggestions!


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