Friday, 5 August 2011

FREE SHIT PART 25: Neon Indian

Neon Indian are Alan Palomo, Leanne Macomber and Jason Faries. They're also a band who I've finally paid attention to after they landed in my inbox months ago. Their main dude, Palomo, pretty much got this whole chillwave/glo-fi ball rolling a few years ago and proves he still knows how to make it work.

It's all reverb-soaked vocals, the sort of thudding bass that makes god quality 80s nights worth going to and really strong layers of sonic texture. He's coming to London to play Electrowerkz next Tuesday, then is heading off on a mammoth North American tour. As I tend to totally neglect my US readers when it comes to that sort of info (oops and sorry), here's a link to his US & Canada gigs.

In the meantime, enjoy this free download of single Fallout, and look out for the record when it drops in September via Trangressive (UK)/ Mom + Pop (US) and Big Nothing (JP). The deluxe edition comes with an analog synth that he made with Bleep Labs and that can apparently interact with other objects, electronic or not. I'm tempted, and that ain't no lie.

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